Debt Profile

Ryder’s financing objective is to ensure the availability of capital resources at all times in order to meet the funding requirements of our operations as well as to provide the financial flexibility to pursue growth opportunities. Maintaining a strong investment grade credit rating is a key factor in meeting this objective.

Funding Sources

Ryder continues to have broad access to the debt capital markets with substantial debt capacity to support growth. The ability to flexibly use different sources of funding plays a key role in the financing of Ryder.

Primary Funding Sources

$1.4 billion Committed Global Revolving Credit Facility
– matures September 2023

  • Supports access to U.S. and Canada commercial paper markets
  • Provides drawn funding to subsidiaries in the UK and Puerto Rico

Issuance of Medium Term Notes

  • The U.S. public bond market has been a significant source of term financing for Ryder
  • Learn more about Ryder’s debt issuance activity

Additional Funding Sources

  • Accounts Receivable-Backed Securitization Facility
  • Lease Financing
  • Bank Term Loans – U.S. and international subsidiaries
  • Revolving Lines of Credit to support international subsidiaries
  • Letters of Credit

Debt Issuances

A summary of Ryder System, Inc.'s bond market activity from 2016 - present

Date Amount ($M) Term Maturity Coupon
2/24/16 $300 5 3/4 years Nov 2021 3.45%
2/16/17 $300 5 years Feb 2022 2.80%
8/8/17$3005 yearsSept 20222.50%
2/26/18$4505 yearsMarch 20233.40%
6/14/18 $4505 yearsJune 20233.75%
10/30/18$3005 yearsDecember 20233.875%
2/27/19$6005 yearsMarch 20243.65%
5/15/19 $5503 yearsMay 20222.875%
8/8/19 $5505 yearsSept 20242.50%
11/14/19 $400 5 years Dec 2026 2.90%
4/6/20 $400 5 years June 2025 4.625%
5/7/20 $400 5 years Sept 2025 3.35%

Debt Rating

Short-term Short-term Outlook Long-term Long-term Outlook
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services A2   _ BBB Positive
Moody's Investor Services P2 Stable Baa2 Stable
Fitch Ratings F2


BBB+ Stable
DBRS R-1(Low)


A(Low) Stable