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Ryder operates behind the scenes, managing critical fleet and supply chain functions for approximately 50,000 customers, many of which make the products that consumers use every day. The Company’s solutions fall into the following three areas: Fleet Management Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions, and Dedicated Transportation Solutions.

Ryder System, Inc.

Fleet Management Solutions


  • Long-term contractual agreement
  • Includes vehicles procurement, flexible levels of maintenane services and used vehicle disposition
  • Comprehensive package of fleet support services available


  • Comprehensive, preventative maintenance services
  • Vehicles are owned by our clients under third-party finance lease contracts
  • Ancillary maintenance work on Ryder or customer owned vehicles not included in base contract

Commercial Rental

  • Commercial vehicles for short-term customer needs
  • Used by lease and non-lease customers
  • Complementary Service offering for ChoiceLease customers

Dedicated Transportation Solutions

Dedicated Transportation

  • Turnkey transportation service with drivers, vehicles, maintenance, routing & scheduling, management & administrative support

Transportation Management

  • Freight procurement & contract management
  • Shipment planning and executing
  • Freight brokerage
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Origin/destination services

Supply Chain Solutions

Distribution Management

  • Warehouse & distribution center operations
  • Inbound materials management
  • Outbound product support
  • Kitting, Packaging and postponement
  • Reverse logistics
  • Just-in-time replenishment
  • E-commerce network support

Dedicated Transportation

  • Transportation component of integrated logistics solution that includes drivers, vehicles, maintenance, routing & scheduling, management & administrative support

Transportation Management

  • Procure and execute freight moves as customer's agent
  • Shipment planning and executing
  • Freight brokerage
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Origin/destination services

Ryder Last Mile

  • E-commerce fulfillment provider
  • Last mile delivery of big and bulky goods
  • National network able to reach 95% of US and Canada in 2 days

Professional Services

  • Strategic consulting & decision support
  • Solutions engineering
  • Network modeling & optimization
  • Total landed cost
  • Lean Six Sigma

Our Strategy

Become the most trusted logistics and transportation partner in North America by providing innovative solutions, operational excellence, customer focus, best in class talent and information technology – enabled by disciplined capital allocation.

15% Adjusted ROE

Continuous productivity and process improvement to solve customer problems, increase cost effectiveness and drive safety


Accelerate growth rate through increased sales & marketing effectiveness and new product innovation


Develop new services connected to the core business that deliver value to targeted customer segments

Talent & Culture

Attract, develop and retain the best talent in an environment where leaders engage their people to innovate, pursue the vision and build on our values

Information Technology

Deploy technology to enable growth while improving operational efficiencies

Disciplined Capital Allocation

Moderate growth in capital intensive FMS business; accelerated growth in higher ROE SCS/DTS businesses


Positive free cash flow from moderate FMS growth enhances our ability ​to invest in higher ROE opportunities

Core Values

Ryder employees share a common set of values that uniquely define us, our brand and our commitment to serving customers.

By living our core values, our actions strengthen the promise of our solutions and our ability to deliver all that Ryder has to offer.

Core Values

Why Invest

Leader in logistics and transportation outsourcing
  • Large, addressable non-outsourced markets
  • Secular growth trends accelerated by post-COVID effects
Large contractual
revenue base
  • >85% of total revenue is contractual
  • Supports stable cash flow generation
  • Drives long-term value creation
Focus on greater free cash flow generation over the cycle
  • Supports strong balance sheet
  • Allows for strategic optionality
  • Expected to increase shareholder returns
Industry leader in new product innovation
  • E-commerce fulfillment
  • Ryder Last Mile delivery of big & bulky goods
  • Electric and autonomous vehicle technology
  • Truck sharing platform – COOPTM by Ryder
  • Freight visibility & collaboration – RyderShareTM
  • Learn more about our innovative technologies
Key drivers to reaching
15% ROE target
  • Disciplined capital allocation
  • Moderate FMS growth with improved returns
  • Accelerated growth in higher ROE SCS/DTS businesses
  • Diminishing impact from higher depreciation
  • Cyclical upturn in rental
  • Cost actions

Key Performance Indicators

Three months ended September 30

Choice Lease - Full Service
  2021 2020
Average fleet count 145,200 152,400
End of period fleet count 144,700 150,900
Miles/unit per day change - % (a) 0.3% (1.7)%
Commercial Rental
  2021 2020
Average fleet count 39,400 36,000
End of period fleet count 40,300 35,400
Rental utilization - power units (b) 82.8% 70.8%
Rental rate change - % (c) 9.3% 5.8%
Customer Vehicles Under Select Care Full-Service and Preventive
  2021 2020
Average fleet count 53,400 56,500
End of period fleet count 53,900 55,000
Used Vehicle Sales (UVS)
  2021 2020
End of period inventory count 3,500 10,700
Used vehicles sold 4,900 8,800
UVS pricing change - % (d)       
Tractors 100% (11)%
Trucks 103% 1%

Financial Snapshot

Full Year 2020
Revenue (1) $8.4 Billion
Operating Revenue (1) $7.0 Billion
Comparable Earnings / (Loss) Before Income Taxes (1) $(29) Million
Comparable Earnings / (Loss) (1) $(14) Million
Comparable EPS (1) $(0.27)
Free Cash Flow (1) $1,587 Million
Adjusted Return on Equity (1.3)% 
Assets (1) $12.9 Billion


To learn more, read our CEO Letter to Shareholders for more details.